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Why do you need a Bookkeeper?

This is an excellent question

Bookkeeping Services, which are up to par, are hard to find these days.  Companies have a tendency to go to their accountant (or CPA) for these services. A good bookkeeper will make sure your accounts are figured down to the penny. Your accountant? Not so much. They’re not usually worried about every little dollar in your account. Their job is to look at the overall picture of your business and understand your tax liability and where you can make changes to minimize that liability. A penny here or there doesn’t matter to them, but for the bottom line of your business, you need to know where those pennies are going.  Not to mention the cost per hour for an accountant is typically much higher than a bookkeeper.  Since bookkeeping is labor intensive, hiring a bookkeeper will cost you less and provide you with a lot of the same expertise as your accountant.

Our Services

  • Accounts payable (bills and payments)  - No one likes to send money out of the business, but a clear view of everything via your Accounts Payable makes it a little less painful. Concise bookkeeping helps assure timely payments and avoid paying someone twice! 
  • Accounts receivables (invoices and collection)  - If your company sells products or services and doesn’t collect payment immediately, you have “receivables,” or money due from customers. You must track Accounts Receivable and keep it up to date so that you send timely and accurate bills or invoices.
  • Purchases - The Purchases Account tracks any raw materials or finished goods that you buy for your business. It’s a key component of calculating “Cost of Goods Sold” (COGS), which you subtract from Sales to find your company’s gross profit.
  • Sales and use tax filing - Simply put: sales tax is collected by the merchant on taxable items they sell; consumers' use tax is paid by the buyer on taxable items they purchase. The rate for use tax is generally the same as sales tax and is based on the rate for the tax jurisdiction where the item was received or consumed.
  • Bank account reconciliation - The process of matching the balances in your accounting records for a cash account to the corresponding information on a bank statement. The goal of this process is to ascertain the differences between the two, and to book changes to the accounting records as appropriate.
  • Income Statements (monthly) - An income statement or profit and loss account is one of the financial statements your company needs which shows the company’s revenues and expenses during a particular period. It indicates how the revenues are transformed into the net income or net profit.
  • Balance sheet generation and review - A financial statement that reports your company's assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity at a specific point in time, and provides a basis for computing rates of return and evaluating your capital structure. 
  • Financial management reporting, budgeting, and cash flow reporting - For many businesses, payroll expenses can be the biggest cost of all. Keeping this account accurate and up to date is essential for meeting tax and other government reporting requirements. Shirking those responsibilities will put you in serious hot water.

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