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A&T Studios provides many different services; Marketing/Advertising, Life Insurance, Professional Photography, Affiliations and Art Galleries. For your personalized quote regarding any of these, contact us for a free 30 minute Consultation.

Business Growth

We are interested in helping you grow your business by getting more clients. Digital Marketing and Advertising can seem like a daunting task but with A&T Marketing, you can feel free to focus on what you love while we focus on bringing you the clients you need.

Digital Marketing

Most people lump Marketing and Advertising into one category. Granted, they have a similar end goal and they are both necessary in reaching that goal…to find more clients and grow your business…they are not the same thing. Let’s just say that marketing is the buildup to the advertising; Market Research, Sales Strategy, Public Relations, Media Planning, not to mention Product Pricing and Distribution. Marketing utilizes different tools and advertising is just one of them.

Risk Management

To manage the risks to ourselves and more importantly to your company, A&T Studios provides Target Market Research which comes before and during advertisement, partly from you and partly from your prospects. We do the Market Analysis and create a 6 to 12-month Marketing/Advertising Plan that would be most cost efficient and beneficial to our clients.

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Anthony Wahome

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