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26 Bronze Cats Wind Chimes

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$ 32.30

These 26 bronze cats' wind chimes are the perfect way to add beauty and relaxation to your home. The soothing sound of the wind chimes will help you relax, and the bronze cats are sure to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Not only do they look great, but they also create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Whether you hang them on your patio, garden, or front porch, you're sure to enjoy their gentle melodies.

  • SKU: 10018630
  • Categories:Wind Chimes
  • Availability:In stock

Start your day by opening windows and letting in the gentle melody of the 26 Bronze Cats of wind chimes. These 26 Bronze Cats wind chimes are the perfect addition to your home. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also create a symphony of the wind that will make you feel at peace. This bronze star chime is the perfect addition to your home if you're looking for a source of serenity and relaxation. 


The gentle tinkling sound it makes in the breeze is calming and can help you to forget your worries for a while. It's also a beautiful decoration that will add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Whether you're enjoying a cup of coffee on your patio, entertaining guests in your garden, or simply looking for a way to fill an empty window, the Wind Chime's gentle and graceful tune will do the trick.

Product Details:


  • The 26 bronze cats' wind chimes weigh 0.4 lbs. and measure 4" x 4" x 26" inches.


  • They are made of pinewood, aluminum, and iron to create durable and detailed garden décor.


  • Hang it anywhere on your patio, garden, porch, or kitchen window to fill your home with natural music and beautiful sculptural designs. This wind chime will enhance any room with ambient sounds and beautiful art. Lightly dust or wipe with a damp cloth.


  • A wind chime with a cat silhouette and bells plays a clear and elegant tone. Wind Her chimes symbolize tranquility and calmness and are believed to bring good luck to those who hear them—the perfect gift for cat lovers.


SKU Number:10018630
UPC Number:849179038601
Material(s):Wood - Pine, Aluminum, Iron
Brand:Accent Plus

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