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Black Lantern Tabletop Fountain (INCL. PUMP)

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$ 42.33

Welcome to tranquility at its finest with the elegant Black Lantern Tabletop Fountain (incl. pump). Perfect for homebodies and interior décor enthusiasts alike, this fountain is a stunning piece that will add an element of serenity and style to any space into a place of Zen.


Invite the calm of nature inside with this lantern inspired design, perfect for those craving a peaceful retreat right in their own homes.


Product Specifications:🌟


  • 📏 The black lantern inspired desk fountain measures at 8 inches by 8 inches by 13.5 inches with a 52 inch power cord.
  •  🏋️ It weighs 1.80 lbs.
  • 💡 Includes LED lights to illuminate your tranquil space beautifully.
  • 🧽 Easy to clean; dust lightly or wipe with a damp cloth.
  • 💧 Crafted from durable plastic polyresin to ensure longevity.

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🎁Benefit Features:


  • 💫 The natural stone design infuses a touch of nature into your indoor spaces.
  • 🎶 Enhance your home with this beautiful water feature that generates calming aquatic sounds, creating an auditory ambience that will put your guests at ease.
  • 💖 Perfect for any living room or bathroom as stylish home décor and auditory ambience to the entryway, inviting guests with a peaceful welcome.


🔍Tips on Using the Item:


  • 🏡 Try placing this tranquil fountain in your kitchen or patio bedding for immediate calm upon entering.
  • 🌜 Enjoy a relaxing evening atmosphere with the fountain's gentle LED light reflecting off the water.


✅Pros and Cons:✅



  • ✅ Easy to use and maintain, providing an effortless sense of serenity.
  • ✅ Compact design fits perfectly in various spaces in your home.
  • ❗ Ensure the pump is correctly installed and adequately submerged for optimum performance.


With its abundant aquatic ambience, this lantern tabletop fountain adds a touch of zen to your home. An aesthetic delight to us, it's a piece that you'd like to have in your selection. Not only will it enhance your home décor, but it also doubles as a therapeutic presence, providing a calming auditory experience.


No need to journey to China, or else you think this might bring tranquility; it's all here online, just a click away. So why wait? Decorate your space with this tranquil fountain, and soon you'll be basking in the calming sounds and elegant aesthetics it brings.


Add to Cart now and bring nature inside with this lantern tabletop fountain. It's a stunning piece that provides abundant aquatic ambience, transforming any room into a personal sanctuary. 


🛍 Take Your Peace Home Today! 🏡💗


Indulge yourself in the ultimate tranquil experience. Click 'Buy' now and transform your space with this tranquil fountain today. With its beautiful water feature, that will add an element of serenity and style to your home. Trust us; it's a purchase you'll never regret.


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Polyresin, Led
Gallery of Light


The black lantern tabletop fountain measures 8" x 8" x 13.5" inches and weighs 1.80 lbs.

This elegant black lantern tabletop fountain is made of durable PP plastic with LED lights, creating a stunning water feature for your home.

Maintenance is easy. Dust lightly or wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it looking its best.

The Black Lantern Tabletop Fountain has a 52-inch power cord, offering flexibility in placement within your home.

The tranquil water feature and the soothing sound it creates add an element of serenity and style, enhancing your home décor and auditory ambiance.

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