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Cascading Water Tabletop Fountain (INCL PUMP)

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Embrace the transformative power of the Cascading Tabletop Fountain. With its tranquil vibe and stylish design, this indoor water fountain will elegantly transform your bathroom into a stylish home haven, adding an element of serenity and style to your decor.


🌟Product Specifications:


  • Stunning Visual Appeal: The Cascading Tabletop Fountain features a tranquil Buddha bathed in a soft, glowing light, a water feature that will add a soothing ambiance to stun your senses.
  • Beauty: Crafted from durable polyresin, this furniture item offers durability and gives it a stone-like appearance that exudes inherent elegance.
  • Stunning Display: As the evening unfolds, this fountain transforms into a stunning evening display, highlighting its texture and craftsmanship.
  • Long-lasting Durability: The fountain is made from durable polyresin to give resilience, maintaining its stunning aesthetic year after year.
  • Versatile Dimensions: Measuring a compact 6" x 4" x 9.75", this small cascading fountain can seamlessly integrate into any home setting, be it your living room, bathroom, or patio.
  • Harmonious Sounds: With its calming water flow, this fountain will add serenity and style to any space, creating an auditory ambience that will put your guests at ease.
  • Simple to Set Up: Equipped with a water pump, power cord, and a submerged basin for an immediate waterfall effect, this fountain ensures an effortless operation. A detailed instruction manual is provided for a smooth setup.


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Benefits Beyond Decor: A Path to Inner Peace 🧘‍♀️


  • Stress Relief: Let the soothing cascade of this beautiful water feature help you strike a zen balance, reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation.
  • Improved Air Quality: Beyond aesthetics, this fountain also acts as a humidifier, enriching your home with this beautiful water and enhancing air quality.
  • Statement Piece: Turn your space into a place of zen. The fountain’s stylish, natural stone design will turn your home decor into a conversational masterpiece.


The Pros and Cons: Balanced View for Informed Decisions 💡




  • Adaptable Versatility: With its captivating design inspired by the raw beauty of natural rocks, this indoor water fountain is made to be a versatile addition to your space. It seamlessly fits into various home styles, whether you want to decorate your bathroom into a stylish home or plan a statement living room transformation.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: Bid adieu to worries about algae or constant cleaning. The durable polyresin material is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring the fountain keeps your bath environment serene. A simple wipe or dusting does the trick, making maintenance a breeze.
  • Ambient Noise Control: The calming sound of the waterfall effectively masks unwanted background noise. This fountain serves as a cup of tranquility, offering you a serene environment no matter where you decide to place it - from a patio accent to garden art to statement living room piece.




  • Power Dependent: Being electrically operated requires a power outlet for operation.


Tips on Using Your Fountain: Unleash Its Full Potential 🌈



  • Easy Positioning: Make sure to place your table top fountain near a power source for effortless operation. It's simple to decorate your space and bring nature inside, transforming your everyday routine into a serene experience.
  • Water Filling: Before submerging the pump, ensure to fill the basin with water. This crucial step is aimed at preventing any potential damage to your beautiful water feature.
  • Stability Matters: To avoid any spillages or mishaps, ensure that the fountain is on a stable surface. Take a moment to survey your space and select the best spot for your new Zen addition.
  • Regular Cleaning: To maintain its pristine condition and prevent the buildup of Alga or dust, remember to clean your fountain regularly. It's a small maintenance step that ensures your home's continuous flow of tranquility.


Unleash your home's attractive allure of tranquility with this item. Experience the best deals on peace, as the exquisite design will turn your space into a Zen paradise.

Ready to withstand time and trends, this small fountain is more than just a decor item - it's a lifestyle statement. Bring home the serene aura and let it wash over your surroundings.

Dive into a world of tranquility! Order Now! And let the Buddha Cascading Tabletop Fountain transform into the crowning jewel of your home. Don't wait; your Zen paradise awaits! 🌿🏞️


SKU Number:10016894
UPC Number:849179020989
Material(s):Polyresin, Plastic, Stone
Brand:Accent Plus

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