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Flower Oil Warmer Trio

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Introducing our exquisite Flower Oil Warmer Trio 🌸, the perfect addition to your home décor. These items infuse your space with a calming floral scent, creating a soothing ambience for relaxation after a hectic day. 


The Trio comes with three distinct flower-scented warmers, allowing you to choose your favorite or shake things up as your mood dictates. 


This item is a breeze and guarantees enduring hours of fragrant delight. Ready to make your home the best aromatic sanctuary? It's time to embrace the tranquility today! 🏠🌹🕯️


Product Specifications: 📏🌟


  • Our set of 3 oil warmers measures 3.37" x 3.75" x 4.5" inches and weighs 2 lbs.🏡
  • Each oil warmer is made from delicate porcelain that adds a touch of elegance to your home.
  • To create your unique aromatic sanctuary effortlessly 🏞️. Pour your favorite scented oil into the top and ignite a candle beneath. It works with practically any essential oil, so feel free to let your creativity take flight 🕯️🌸.
  • Cleaning these warmers is as simple as a child's play 🧼💧. Their delicate porcelain is easy to clean and provides gorgeous sculptural details, readying them for your upcoming aromatic voyage 🌼🏞️.

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Benefits Features: 💡🌈


  • Handcrafted Perfection 🎨: These items are crafted from delicate porcelain that is easy to clean, adding a genuine touch of elegance to your home décor. 
  • Sensory Variety 🌈: These three warmers open up a world of possibilities for aromatic exploration. 
  • Serenity in Your Hands 🙏: Perfect as a gift to use during meditation or to find peace after a busy day, these warmers enable you to design a peaceful and aromatic ambience by warming and diffusing the essential oils of your choice.
  • Ideal Size 📐: With a design that fits perfectly on a shelf or table as meditative décor, they offer a subtle touch of serenity to any room.


Tips on Using the Item: 🖐️✨


Simply pour your favorite scented oil into the top and light a candle underneath to create a tranquil and perfumed environment. Clean your warmer with soap and water to remove any remaining fragrance oils or candle residue. For an optimal experience, place your warmer in your bedroom or living room, where you can truly soak in the tranquil vibes.


Pros and Cons: ⚖️🌟



  • Unique, handmade quality products.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Creates a serene, aromatic atmosphere.
  • Perfect Size for any shelf or table.
  • Makes the perfect gift for yoga enthusiasts or meditation lovers.



  • The delicate porcelain requires gentle handling.
  • Tea lights are not included.


A Nudge to Nourish Your Senses 🌺🌈


Dive into serenity today 🍃. Let the soothing aromas of our Trio warmers seep into your life, crafting a space of peace and relaxation.These are not just available items; they form the bases of an aromatic journey waiting to unfold. Feel free to create and shape your personalized aromatic getaway. Don't just look; take a step to see the difference. Click 🛍️ Shop Now 🛍️🌺 to bring home your unique Flower Trio Warmer online. After all, these little treasures elevate an unparalleled sense of tranquility. 🛀💤  

SKU Number:33646
UPC Number:849179011956
Brand:Fragrance Foundry


The Flower oil warmer trio set features three handcrafted porcelain oil warmers, each designed to create a tranquil and aromatic environment in your home. Each piece is not only functional but also a work of art, adding elegance to your space.

The Flower oil warmer trio setup process is as easy as a gentle breeze. Follow these steps:1. Pour your chosen essential oil into the top of the warmer.2. Place a tea light candle underneath.3. Light the candle to begin warming the oil, which diffuses the aroma into the room.

Our Flower oil warmer trios are as effortless to clean as they are to use. Wash them with soap and water to remove residual oil or candle wax. This ensures a fresh start for each aromatic journey.

Absolutely. Our Flower oil warmer trio is designed to work with practically any essential oil. Feel free to experiment with different scents to create your unique aromatic ambiance.

The Flower oil warmer trio set does not include tea lights. However, the warmers are designed to fit standard tea lights, readily available in most stores.

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